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2nd International NEPS Conference

October 5-6, 2017 | LIfBi Bamberg

The National Educational Panel Study (NEPS) provides a unique data infrastructure with rich longitudinal as well as context information for respondents of six different starting cohorts and two school reform studies. The database particularly facilitates empirical research on competence development, educational processes, educational decisions, and returns to education in formal, nonformal, and informal contexts.

The newly established series of NEPS Conferences brings together researchers at different stages of their academic career to discuss ongoing projects and current findings based on NEPS data. The conference addresses an interdisciplinary audience–that is, contributions on all NEPS topics, including methodological issues and comparisons with other national or international surveys, are welcome. The conference will be held at the Leibniz Institute for Educational Trajectories (LIfBi) in Bamberg. Conference language is English.

Conference Venue

Leibniz Institute for Educational
Trajectories (LIfBi)
Wilhelmsplatz 3
96047 Bamberg