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Updates for the Scientific Use Files of Starting Cohort 2 (Kindergarten) and Starting Cohort 3 (Grade 5) released

Updated data versions 6.0.1 for the NEPS Starting Cohort 2 and 7.0.1 for the NEPS Starting Cohort 3 are now available for scientific use.

The current updates for NEPS Starting Cohort 2 (doi:10.5157/NEPS:SC2:6.0.1) and NEPS Starting Cohort 3 (doi:10.5157/NEPS:SC3:7.0.1) include completed joint weights for children and parents (SC2, SC3), an additionally integrated variable tx80505* to identify students with special needs in the CohortProfile (SC2), adjusted number of observations (SC3), and a corrected WLE score variable mag9_sc1u for mathematics in grade 9 in xTargetCompetencies (SC3). Detailed information about the survey design of these studies is provided in the “Field Reports” and the “Study Overviews” on the respective webpages in the section “Documentation”.

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