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Data Release Schedule

Our aim is to provide the fully edited and comprehensively documented research data of the German National Educational Panel Study (NEPS) as soon as possible for scientific analyses. The general guideline is to release Scientific Use Files no later than 18 months after data collection has been completed. Due to the high quality standards, but also due to the amount and complexity of the data, this target cannot be achieved in all cases.

The data release schedule presented here gives information about the timing of fieldwork phases (black bars) and the subsequent 18-months period of data preparation (dashed lines), as well as the dates of already realized data releases (green boxes) and planned data releases until the end of 2021 (white boxes). The first digit of the version number equals the amount of included waves (e.g. version 4-0-0 contains the first four waves of this Starting Cohort). Further documentation and more detailed dates of the survey progress can be found on the documentation page for each Starting Cohort (Data Center > Data and Documentation > Starting Cohort > Documentation > Study Overview, Field Reports, Data Manual).