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Remote Access Technology: RemoteNEPS

The technology of RemoteNEPS enables remote data processing even of sensitive information. By means of a „virtual desktop“ the individual survey and test data of the National Educational Panel Study are available for analysis in the controlled server environment. Access is independent of the operating system and requires no software installation. The technical requirements are limited to an Internet connection and a current browser. Communication between researchers and RemoteNEPS takes place over an encrypted connection. Users log on via biometric authentication that uniquely identifies them (keystroke biometrics). Subsequently, the authorized data packages can be accessed within an individual working environment (Windows desktop).

(external) Instructions for working in RemoteNEPS

Advantages of RemoteNEPS

  • The individual working environment provides an infrastructure for the structured execution of data analyses. This infrastructure includes a system of directories with defined functions, a version control system for syntax files, and a backup system.
  • All users have immediate access to the latest research data, including all updates and extensions. In addition to the remote version of all Scientific Use Files, the respective download version can also be accessed.
  • The use of the different statistics programs in RemoteNEPS (Stata, SPSS/PSPP, R) is free of charge. All provided programs are available without the need to install them on your own computer or to purchase a license.
  • For joint analysis projects, RemoteNEPS offers the possibility to set up shared access folders to support the cooperation of researchers.

Registration of the keystroke biometrics

The registration of the keystroke biometric profile for authentication is done online via a special website. It requires the existence of a valid RemoteNEPS Supplemental Agreement and the successful completion of an online training presentation with a few questions. Further information including the relevant links will be sent individually by e-mail to the applicant. Multiple registration of the keystroke biometrics is not possible.

(external) Keystroke Biometrics - Information for the Data User

Login to RemoteNEPS

View on RemoteNEPS in a Windows system

Logging into RemoteNEPS is a three-step process involving username, keystroke biometric authentication and individual password. Prerequisite for the use of RemoteNEPS is the existence of a valid Data Use Agreement including a RemoteNEPS Supplemental Agreement. Registration of the biometric profile is possible following a training measure. Upon successful login, RemoteNEPS appears on the desktop as shown in the picture.

Starting RemoteNEPS

Export and import of files

After completion of the analyses, outputs can be requested for export. The files are checked by the Research Data Center for compliance with data protection regulations and made available for download from this website. Conversely, if a file, e.g. a syntax, is to be provided in RemoteNEPS, it can be imported into the system. Files are transferred via a special exchange folder "X:\" in RemoteNEPS. All exports and imports are logged.

(external) Instructions for exporting and importing files