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Instructions for working in RemoteNEPS

Below is a compilation of some basic instructions for using RemoteNEPS. A corresponding HelpMe file is also available in RemoteNEPS itself. In addition, the Export Import Guide provides important information about the process of transferring files between the protected server environment of RemoteNEPS and the local system.

Access to RemoteNEPS

  • unlimited use within the term of a RemoteNEPS Supplemental Agreement (linked to a Data Use Agreement); biometric keystroke behavior registration as prerequisite
    Once a month the system is locked for maintenance and updates. Current sessions are interrupted during this time. In order not to lose any data, please consider the date of the next system maintenance (see information box on the start page of RemoteNEPS).

Data provision in RemoteNEPS

  • permanent access to all Scientific Use Files in the remote version (and the download version)
    The remote version of the Scientific Use Files contains a number of sensitive characteristics that can only be analyzed within the protected environment of RemoteNEPS. These include the variables with Federal State identification in the Starting Cohorts 2 to 5, the institution datasets for kindergartens, schools and universities in the Starting Cohorts 1 to 5 (pInstitution, xInstitution) and in various datasets of all Starting Cohorts the variables with the suffix „_R“ in the name.

Available Software

  • free provision of statistical programs (Stata, R, SPSS/PSPP) and other applications (Libre Office, PDF Viewer, Notepad++, etc.)
    Only a limited number of licenses are available for SPSS. If no license is available, please try again later. Alternatively you can use the program PSPP. It is compatible with SPSS, but has a somewhat smaller range of functions. In order to ensure fair use of SPSS, all SPSS windows must be closed after the analyses are completed and no more than one SPSS license per session may be used (i.e. do not double-click on the datasets in the Explorer, but open them directly from SPSS).

Installation of additional software

  • supplementation of software packages for Stata and R possible on request
    You cannot install any software in RemoteNEPS yourself. If a desired package for Stata or R is not available in RemoteNEPS, please report the name and the corresponding source directory by email to Usually the package will be installed with the next system maintenance. In exceptional cases, it is possible to upload the desired package to the server by using the import function.


  • controlled transfer of files into and out of the RemoteNEPS system
    For reasons of data security, all file transfers must be manually checked and approved by staff of the Research Data Center. The main purpose of the export function is to make the files required for interim or final presentation of results available for local further processing. Certain regulations apply to the export and import of files; detailed instructions can be found in the Guide for Export and Import.

Directory structure in RemoteNEPS

  • three directories with different functions available
    The three directories X, Y and Z differ in the type of files stored in them and in the respective read and write permissions. As a general rule, only those folders and files are visible for which a corresponding authorization is registered with the Research Data Center.
  • X (exchange)
    The exchange directory X:\ is used for the controlled transfer of files by the employees of the Research Data Center (see Guide Export Import).
  • Y (home)
    The home directory Y:\ for filing and editing your own work files can only be accessed by you personally; Research Data Center employees are not authorized to access it either. You can create your own folder and file structure in this directory. Please note that there is a memory limit of max. 1 GB. Therefore, no complete Scientific Use Files should be copied here. In principle, the storage volume should not be exhausted, as some analyses require the storage of temporary files in this directory. If the memory limit of 1 MB is approached, you will automatically receive a message by e-mail. If the directory is completely occupied, problems may occur when logging on to RemoteNEPS.
  • Z (data)
    The data directory Z:\ is used to provide the Scientific Use Files for scientific analysis purposes. With each new data release, the corresponding data portfolio in RemoteNEPS is expanded so that the most current data can always be accessed. The corresponding documentation of the data is available under „Z:\Projects“. In addition, the data directory offers the possibility of using so-called project folders under „Z:\Projects“. Such project folders allow, on the one hand, several people to work together by accessing shared files. On the other hand, the project folders on the data directory are not limited in memory. A project folder is set up upon request by e-mail to, stating the persons intended for shared use and the underlying Data Use Agreement(s). Please be aware, that in contrast to the personal Y-home directory, Research Data Center staff members have access to all project folders on the Z-directory and their contents.

Exit/quit RemoteNEPS

  • correct logout from RemoteNEPS via "Start > Log off" and "Logout" from the gateway
    Please do not leave the sessions in RemoteNEPS open longer than necessary and always log off the system properly via „Start > Log off“. Simply closing the window of the remote application [X] will NOT log off the session. If RemoteNEPS hangs up and can no longer be closed regularly, you can terminate the session at any time by pressing the key combination „Ctrl – Alt – End“. In order to be able to process export requests, it is necessary that you have closed the files to be exported before and that you have closed the RemoteNEPS session properly via „Start > Log off“ (see Guide Export Import). For longer analysis procedures, you can leave the session in RemoteNEPS without interrupting the calculations. Only after a session duration of 5 days all running processes will be stopped by the system.


  • for questions and hints regarding RemoteNEPS please contact the Research Data Center at LIfBi
    The best way to contact us is to send an e-mail to Alternatively, you can reach us at +49 951 - 863 3511. If you encounter difficulties while working in RemoteNEPS, please send us a description of the problem or the error message or a corresponding screenshot.