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Availability of Sensitive Information

The amount of sensitive information decreases from the Download version of a Scientific Use File to the RemoteNEPS version to the On-site version. For instance, the file with information about the respective school, kindergarten or university (pInstitution) is only available in the controlled  environment of RemoteNEPS and On-site. The same applies to the Federal States variables in the school and higher education cohorts. Please be aware that the use of these variables is restricted according to a certain agreement (PDF-en)

To make data handling easier all three data versions - Download, RemoteNEPS, On-site - contain the full set of variables. Anonymized variables are provided with a special missing code in the respective data version and are labeled with a suffix in the variable name. For each Scientific Use File there is an anonymization report within the documentation section that describes the conducted data modification processes and lists all affected variables.

  Download RemoteNEPS On-site
Country-level information
(e.g. citizenship, language of origin)
aggregated full data full data
Geographical information

East/West Germany East/West Germany East/West Germany
Federal States
(SC1/SC6 only)
Federal States* Federal States*
--- Administrative regions
(SC1/SC5/SC6 only)
Administrative regions
--- Districts and urban districts
(SC1/SC5/SC6 only)
Districts and urban districts
Institutional context information --- full data full data
Open text entries --- --- anonymized
Macro indicators
(infas geodaten, microm)
--- --- full data
Other sensitive data
(e.g. number of employees)
aggregated full data full data

* In coordination with the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Laender, the Federal State Label is provided for the school and higher education starting cohorts for certain analysis purposes via "RemoteNEPS" and "On-site" (see the Procedure Description of the LIfBi and the NEPS Data Use Agreement).