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New Scientific Use File of Starting Cohort 2 (Version 6.0.0) released

The new data version 6.0.0 for the NEPS Starting Cohort 2 - Kindergarten - is now available for scientific use.

The current Scientific Use File of NEPS Starting Cohort 2 (doi:10.5157/NEPS:SC2:6.0.0) contains survey and test data of the first six waves. Newly added are information from the PAPI survey among pupils from Grade 4, information from the respective teachers and school principals, and information from the telephone interviews with parents of the target children (2015/16). Parallel to the school survey, the 6th wave – for the first time – includes test and survey data from those target children who could not be followed at the transition between kindergarten and elementary school (wave 3). Detailed information about the design of this starting cohort are provided in the respective “Field Reports” and the “Study Overview” on our website in the section “Documentation”.