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New data from the ReGES Refugee Study published as Scientific Use Files


For the two cohorts children and adolescents of the study "Refugees in the German Educational System" (ReGES), the new data from the third survey wave are now available for scientific analyses.

The current Scientific Use Files of the children's cohort (doi:10.5157/ReGES:RC1:SUF:2.0.0) and the adolescents' cohort (doi:10.5157/ReGES:RC2:SUF:2.0.0) of the ReGES refugee study contain the newly added data from the third survey wave. The telephone interviews with the children's parents and the adolescents were conducted from August to November 2018. The survey primarily collected information on the social capital of the target persons, on their parenting, on the family climate including sibling relationships, on their personality traits and on satisfaction, but of course also on education-related topics and German language skills. Competence testing did not take place in this wave. Detailed information on the contents and the realization of the third wave can be found in the Field report on the ReGES website in the section of the respective cohort. There you can also access the corresponding Data Manual as a basis for working with the data as well as the Release Notes with explanations of the current data edition and further materials (instruments, codebook, etc.).

The data of the ReGES study are provided free of charge for scientific analyses. Access to and use of the data is dependent on the conclusion of a contract with the Leibniz Institute for Educational Trajectories (LIfBi). The required forms as well as instructions on how to apply for the data are available from the ReGES website.

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