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1st Full Staff Meeting of NEPS

Dr. Michael Bayer, Ilona Kellermann, and Michael Ruland were elected as representatives of NEPS staff.
From left to right: Michael Ruland, Ilona Kellermann, Dr. Michael Bayer. 
With the election of the three staff representatives at the first Full Staff Meeting on July 23, 2014, the LIfBi Board of Trustees, the NEPS Annual General Meeting, and the NEPS Network Committee are now fully constituted. Of the 123 invited NEPS staff members[1], 98 were in attendance or represented by delegation of their voting right.

LIfBi Director Prof. Dr. Hans-Günther Roßbach opened the meeting by reporting on the development of the NEPS throughout the process of institutionalization of the Leibniz Institute for Educational Trajectories. Following the verification of the quorum and the approval of election procedures, Dr. Michael Bayer was elected by the scientific NEPS staff of the LIfBi as their representative. His deputy is Dr. Daniel Fuß. Ilona Kellermann polled the majority of votes from nonscientific NEPS staff at LIfBi. Her deputy is Meike Bender. Michael Ruland (WZB) and Dr. Uta Liebeskind (DZHW), as deputy, were elected by scientific NEPS staff belonging to the NEPS network. These three staff representatives will now be members with voting rights in the NEPS Annual General Meeting and on the NEPS Network Committee. Furthermore, out of the two representatives of scientific staff, the Full Staff Meeting elected Dr. Michael Bayer as their representative to attend meetings of the LIfBi Board of Trustees in an advisory capacity. His deputy is Michael Ruland.

[1] Attendance at the NEPS Full Staff Meeting is only admitted to NEPS employees engaged in NEPS with at least 25% of their regular working hours of a full-time employment. This applies to 123 persons out of a total of 298 NEPS staff (including Student Assistants).