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Dr. Ebrahim Talaee from Tarbiat Modares University of Tehran visits the NEPS


Dr. Ebrahim Talaee, Assistant Professor of Educational Research at the Faculty of Humanities of Tarbiat Modares University Tehran, visited the NEPS from July 22 to August 11, 2013.


During his stay, he gave a lecture about “Exploring Early Years Education (ECE) and Pre-Schooling in Iran: Quality, Challenges, and Promises”. The lecture presented the design, methodology, and emerging findings of an ongoing research project in a rather small city in Iran, which functions as the cornerstone for the design and implementation of a longitudinal study of children aged 3-12. The study aims to explore the underlying knowledge and beliefs of all ECE stakeholders in regard to ECE and investigate their practices with children in their real context. In his second lecture, Ebrahim Talaee presented the results of the British EPPSE study (Effective Pre-School, Primary & Secondary Education) in connection with the manner of computer use of children and young adults and the effect on their performances in reading and mathematics.

Organized and accompanied by colleagues of NEPS Stages 2 “From Kindergarten to Elementary School” and 3 “From Elementary School to Lower Secondary School”, Ebrahim Talaee availed himself of the possibility to explore “from within” a school and two day-care centers in the administrative district of Bamberg  and to speak with the principal and the pedagogic personnel. Thus, he could receive important impressions and take many suggestions with him for his future research.