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National Educational Panel Study (NEPS) in conversation with students of the Fachakademie for Social Pedagogy


On June 21, 2013, Melanie Olczyk and Gisela Will introduced the National Educational Panel Study to students of the Fachakademie* for Social Education and discussed the extent and reasons for social and ethnic inequalities in education.

Within the scope of their studies at the Fachakademie for Social Pedagogy in Weiden, a number of first-year students visited the NEPS together with the Head of their Academy, Karlheinz Binner, to deepen their knowledge about the topic of "Social and ethnic inequality in education".

Melanie Olczyk and Gisela Will, staff members from NEPS working area "Education Acquisition of Persons with Migration Background" gave an insight into the National Educational Panel Study, its goals, structure, and survey design. Especially aspects concerning migration caught the students’ interest. Not only did they gain an overview of theoretical facts explaining ethnic inequality in education, but they were also informed on how data are being collected in the NEPS. Thus, the participants were able to grapple with those topics at content level and used the opportunity to pose further questions.


*Fachakademie is a type of school in Bavaria offering advanced vocational education and the possibility to obtain the entrance qualification for universities of applied sciences.