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Directors of federal institutes for school quality and education development visit the NEPS in Bamberg


At the invitation of the Director of the Bavarian State Institute for School Quality and Educational Research, Thomas Sachsenröder, more than 20 members of federal institutes met at management level to take part in a workshop in Upper Franconia from June 12 to 14. In the context of this workshop participants had the opportunity to learn more about the NEPS on-site in Bamberg on June 13.


As part of their visit at the Wilhelmspost in Bamberg, the directors of the federal institutes for quality development in the educational system from 13 Federal States were given an introduction by Dr. Jutta von Maurice, Executive Director of Research of NEPS, to the history, the methodological design, and epistemic objectives of the National Educational Panel Study. On this occasion, Dr. von Maurice presented to the educational researchers first, previously unreleased findings based on NEPS Scientific Use Files—that is, data available to the scientific community. The broad availability of NEPS data subsequently led to a discussion on whether this would open the floodgates to hitherto unforeseen questions and to the finding and presentation of arbitrary results. From a strictly positivistic standpoint—according to which theorizing and the formation of correspondent hypotheses must, in principle, take place prior to data collection—this objection may seem justified. To summarize the tenor of the discussion, what will eventually prevail, however, is the epistemological chance of harnessing the potential of international expertise in the field of education for the advancement of educational research through the provision of data collected as part of the NEPS study.