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Upper Franconian Foundation (Oberfrankenstiftung) prepared to part-finance Leibniz Institute in Bamberg

At the end of February, Prof. Dr. Hans-Günther Roßbach, Dr. Jutta von Maurice, Manfred Egner, and Wolfgang Hoderlein represented the National Educational Panel Study in talks with the Upper Franconian Foundation (Oberfrankenstiftung) in Bayreuth.
From left to right: Wolfgang Hoderlein, Christine Schnörer, Eckhard Wiltsch, Dr. Jutta von Maurice, Prof. Dr. Hans-Günther Roßbach, Wilhelm Wenning, Andreas Starke, Manfred Egner. 

The foundation was represented by Chairman and District President Wilhelm Wenning, Member of the Foundation Council Andreas Starke (Mayor of Bamberg), Managing Director Eckhard Wiltsch, and his Deputy Christine Schnörer.

Elucidations by Prof. Dr. Roßbach about the plans and arrangements concerning the foundation of an institute of the Leibniz Association were followed by a discussion on research activities and their long-term objectives. The main question was whether, and if so, how, future research activities could approach topics that are also of interest and relevant for the region of Upper Franconia. Following an invitation by NEPS, the Foundation Council will hold a meeting on the premises of NEPS in Bamberg on July 9, 2013.