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NEPS at the German Congress of School Principals in Düsseldorf

NEPS presents the concept of longitudinal educational research in conversation with school principals in Düsseldorf.
Dr. Götz Lechner in conversation with two school principals. © DSLK 2013 
The German Congress of School Principals, which was held in Düsseldorf from March 7 to 9, gave the National Educational Panel Study the opportunity to get into conversation with more than 2,000 principals of all school types from all over Germany. NEPS staff member Dr. Götz Lechner outlined the concept of the NEPS to more than 60 principals who had not been familiar with the study before. Therefore, the acceptance of this nationally as well as internationally unique study was increased further. The booth offered more than a dozen heads of NEPS schools the opportunity to feed their own experiences with NEPS back to the Central Coordinating Office in Bamberg.