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Between March 6 and 8, a delegation from the Educational Research Institute IBE in Warsaw visited the NEPS

As part of of a 3-day workshop, members of the IBE and the NEPS exchanged ideas concerning their respective research activities.

On Wednesday, the Polish guests learned about data of Starting Cohort 2 in particular and about the possibilities concerning data use. On Thursday, Stage 2/3 gave a presentation with a special focus on the sampling procedures of Starting Cohort 2 and the questionnaire instruments administered there. Furthermore, Pillar 1 gave an overview about the test instruments used in the domains of mathematics, natural sciences, language competence, and metacognition. The guests were impressed by the quality of the tests developed by NEPS and themselves presented innovative approaches to testing school children as well as current research ideas. On Friday, the guests of the IBE had the opportunity to exchange views and swap ideas with several members of different working areas of NEPS. In particular, they discussed topics such as occupational coding, surveys with newborns, assessment of variables in relation to interests and leisure behavior as well as questions of weighting.