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NEPS study attracts wide interest from Bavarian Student Council


Dr. Jutta von Maurice presented the NEPS study at a meeting of the Bavarian Student Council at the Bavarian State Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs.


On January 24, 2013, Dr. Jutta von Maurice, Executive Director of Research at the National Educational Panel Study, described the background, structure, implementation, and aims of the NEPS study to the 12 members of the Bavarian Student Council (representing different school types, i.e., special schools, secondary schools such as Mittelschule, Realschule, and Gymnasium, as well as vocational schools such as Fach- und Berufsoberschule) in Munich. The student representatives were pleased that Dr. Jutta von Maurice and NEPS staff member Manfred Egner gave of their time to personally introduce the NEPS study to the Bavarian Student Council. Egner and von Maurice were eager to point out that education does not start as late as Kindergarten or school, but indeed long before, and that it does not end with an apprenticeship or a university degree. It is therefore highly important to portray the development of a human being continuously from early childhood until retirement age. In order to be able to make reliable statements about the school years, a very important educational stage in everyone's life, the NEPS study depends on the participation of students from all the different school types. The representatives of the Bavarian Student Council showed keen interest for the biggest educational study in Germany so far by posing many questions in the subsequent discussion.