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Guest stay of Dr. Jenny Chesters


From November 12 to 24, Dr. Jenny Chesters from the Faculty of Education at the University of Canberra was a guest of the NEPS in Bamberg. Throughout her stay, she was in close contact with the NEPS team. Over a series of meetings, Dr. Jenny Chesters exchanged views with the NEPS staff regarding the structure and contents of the stages and pillars. In addition, she was given an introduction to the structure of NEPS data.



During her guest stay, Dr. Jenny Chesters held two lectures to inform about her own research work. In a first guest lecture on the topic “The Australian Education System and Alternative Pathways Into University”, she gave an overview on the Australian education system and the different ways of gaining access to higher education. The job market in Australia is showing an increasing demand for qualified workers, while, at the same time, universities are also becoming increasingly more open to nontraditional students. Using administrative data, Dr. Jenny Chesters analyzed the pathways of nontraditional students into higher education. In her second lecture “Returns to Education for Those who Return to Education”, she presented the results of her research based on analyzing data provided by the HILDA study (Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia, 2001-2009). According to these results, nontraditional students (mature-age students) are more likely to be full-time employees and are also being paid higher wages than younger college graduates one year after their graduation.