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“Bamberg is the Center of Educational Research in Germany“

On October 22, representatives of all factions of Bamberg City Council visited the National Educational Panel Study in Bamberg. On-site at the Wilhelmspost, Council Members gained an insight into the work and premises of the project. This visit emphasized not only the high-ranking position of this exceptional scientific project but also the political and economic relevance of NEPS for the City of Bamberg, the University, and the whole region of Upper Franconia.
In the photo (from left to right): Andreas Starke, Prof. Dr. Hans-Günther Roßbach und Prof. Dr. Godehard Ruppert  
After an introductory speech by Mayor of Bamberg and Chairman of the City Council Andreas Starke, Prof. Dr. Godehard Ruppert, President of the University of Bamberg, welcomed City Council representatives to the Wilhelmspost. Prof. Dr. Hans-Günther Roßbach, Managing Project Director and Chair of Early Childhood Education at the University of Bamberg, presented the design and aims of the project. Alongside these content-related aspects, Prof. Dr. Roßbach illustrated the economic importance of NEPS for both the city and the region: With 85 employees in Bamberg and an annual budget amounting to a notable eight-figure sum, the economic value of this research institution can be compared to a medium-sized company. The subsequent discussion with Council Members highlighted the current and future importance of NEPS for the City of Bamberg and the region of Upper Franconia, especially in respect of latest endeavors to institutionalize NEPS as part of the Leibniz Association. Prof. Dr. Ruppert clarified that, so far, there had been only one comparable institution in Upper Franconia, that is, in Erlangen to be more precise. Prof. Dr. Roßbach afterwards stated that “Bamberg is the center of educational research in Germany”, pointing to the graphical display of the nationwide interdisciplinary network of the National Educational Panel Study with its central coordinating office situated in Bamberg. During a tour of the Wilhelmspost, Council Members had the opportunity to get an impression of the premises, the NEPS Data Center, and other selected working areas.