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NEPS participates in the Congress of the German Psychological Society 2012

The National Educational Panel Study visited the 48th Congress of the German Psychological Society (DGPs) in Bielefeld, Germany, from September 23 to 27. About 2,500 international researchers from different fields took part in the congress under the motto "Fascination Research".
In the photo (from left to right): Kerstin Haberkorn, Dietmar Angerer, Dr. Thomas Bäumer, Dr. Jutta von Maurice 

As a member of the work group "About the Benefits of Dissemination of Research Data: Examples From Psychology and Linked Research Disciplines" Dr. Jutta von Maurice presented the availability of data and modes of data access of the National Educational Panel Study for the use in psychological and pedagogical educational research.

Kerstin Haberkorn held a presentation about the evaluation of a new test procedure to measure metacognitive knowledge in children starting elementary school. The results will have an impact for the development of metacognitive tests in the National Educational Panel Study. Moreover, she showed findings of longitudinal analyses about the relationship between metacognitive knowledge and school performance.

Furthermore, Dr. Thomas Bäumer presented a poster concerning the concept and data basis for the measurement of learning opportunities using the National Educational Panel Study.

Additionally, four members of the NEPS team were present at the convention booth from Monday until Thursday. Researchers from different disciplines informed themselves about the content and data dissemination strategies of the NEPS.