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Guest Lecture by Professor Tom Schuller "Age, Stage and Gender in Lifelong Learning"

On April 16, 2012, Professor Tom Schuller, director of Longview, gave a guest lecture about “Age, Stage and Gender in Lifelong Learning”.
Professor Schuller discussed two interesting assumptions in his lecture. The first was derived from his work on the UK Inquiry into the Future of Lifelong Learning and its main report ‘Learning Through Life’ (Schuller & Watson 2009, NIACE). He showed that the expenditure for education decreases throughout the life course:  Lower investments are made in the (further) education of older people than in the education of young people. He then discussed the assumption that demographic change could cause a “re-balancing” between cohorts. The second assumption presented by Professor Schuller was the ‘Paula-Principle’. This idea summarizes several different factors explaining why women do not benefit on the labor market despite their leading position in qualification and why gender inequality in remuneration as well as horizontal segregation still exist.