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Plausible Values for competence assessments in the NEPS starting cohorts 1 to 4


The new version 2.0.0 of the R package „NEPSscaling“ extends the possibility of independent estimation of Plausible Values for competence assessments to the starting cohorts 1 to 4. It complements the previous range of version 1.0.0 for the starting cohorts 5 and 6. All available combinations of starting cohort, competence domain, and survey wave can be retrieved via the „currently_implemented()“ function of the package. In addition to the current R package, new application examples have been made available on the website.

Plausible Values can be used to describe competencies of individuals on a group level. Based on the individual responses to the respective competence tests as well as on additional background characteristics, the probability distribution of each person's competence is first determined and several values are randomly drawn from this. The analysis is then calculated for each Plausible Value individually and summarized into an overall result. This allows estimates of effects at the population level to be adjusted for measurement errors and is therefore particularly suitable for inferential statistical tests in correlation and mean value analyses. For further information on the estimation and handling of Plausible Values in the context of the National Educational Panel Study (NEPS) as well as for instructions and an example of the use of the R-package „NEPSscaling“ for generating your own Plausible Values, please refer to the NEPS Survey Paper No. 71 by Anna Scharl, Claus H. Carstensen and Timo Gnambs.

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