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New Scientific Use File of Starting Cohort 2 (Kindergarten) released


New data for the NEPS Starting Cohort 2 are now available in version 9.0.0 for scientific use.

The current Scientific Use File (doi:10.5157/NEPS:SC2:9.0.0) contains new data from the nineth wave of the NEPS kindergarten starting cohort. In addition to telephone interviews with parents (CATI), the study was conducted as a paper-based individual survey (PAPI [alternatively CAWI]) including testing in two of the three domains of mathematics, reading and science with personal interviewer support (CAPI) in the home environment of the children, who are now in grade 7. The survey was carried out over a period from autumn 2018 to summer 2019. The Field Report on the website in the section „Dokumentation“ provides detailed information on the realization of this wave. There you will also find the Release Notes with explanations on the current data edition as well as numerous other materials.
In addition to the data of the new wave, the Scientific Use File includes the information on Corona-related questions collected in May 2020 within the scope of an extra survey (CAWI), stored in a separate data set.

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