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A visit from Japan at the NEPS

Prof. Yoshiaki Yanagisawa of the Faculty of Education, Kagawa University in Takamatsu, Japan, was informed about the NEPS on 12/12/2011.
Prof. Yanagisawa conducts research on the German and Japanese educational system by way of comparative analysis. On his journey through Germany this year, he also stopped over in Bamberg. He was very impressed by the high number and complexity of the NEPS surveys and also by the good communication and infrastructure of the NEPS consortium. In the discussion after his lecture, manifold differences between the German and Japanese educational system became evident. For example, in Germany final examinations like the “Abitur“ are of major importance whereas in Japan entrance examinations are more common. Finally, the data structure and data use options of the NEPS were demonstrated.

In the photo (from left to right): Anja Sommer (NEPS), Tobias Linberg (NEPS), Dr. Thomas Bäumer (NEPS), Stephanie Beyer (NEPS), Dr. Michaela Sixt (NEPS), Prof. Yoshiaki Yanagisawa, Dr. Jutta von Maurice (NEPS)