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New Scientific Use File of Starting Cohort 3 (Grade 5) released


New data for the NEPS Starting Cohort 3 are now available in version 8.0.0 for scientific use.

The current Scientific Use File (doi:10.5157/NEPS:SC3:8.0.0) contains new information from the eighth wave of the NEPS fifth graders’ starting cohort. The survey was carried out in autumn/winter 2016/2017 as a paper-based survey at regular schools (PAPI, pupils in Grade 11 and school principals) and as a primarily telephone-based survey including an online survey among school leavers and individually tracked pupils (CATI, alternatively CAPI, CAWI). Paper-based competence measurements in the domain of sciences were part of the survey at schools. The corresponding Field Reports on the website in the section “Documentation“ provide detailed information on the realization of this wave. There you will also find the Release Notes with explanations on the current data edition as well as numerous other materials. Soon an updated Data Manual with comprehensive information about the survey design and the research data of Starting Cohort 3 will also be made available there.

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