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Call for Papers: Special Issue „Large-scale Assessments in Education“


The journal "Large-scale Assessments in Education" will publish a special issue with a focus on the methodology of large-scale longitudinal studies in educational research. For this issue, contributions from a variety of disciplines that address methods of data collection and analysis in educational studies are sought. In terms of content, the issue connects to the 6th International NEPS Conference, which will be hosted as a virtual conference by the Leibniz Institute for Educational Trajectories (LIfBi) in June 2021. Contributions for the special issue can be submitted until November 30, 2021.

With Christian Aßmann, Timo Gnambs, Marie-Ann Sengewald and Tanja Kutscher, a team from the department "Research Data Center and Method Development" together with Claus H. Carstensen from the University of Bamberg will publish a special issue of the journal "Large-scale Assessments in Education".

The special issue will focus on neglected problems and innovative solutions for the analysis of psychological constructs in longitudinal studies such as NEPS. In particular, this includes empirical applications of new methodological approaches, statistical simulations, or software reviews of methods in large-scale assessments in education research. The contributions sought do not have to deal specifically with the NEPS, but should be applicable to longitudinal studies in educational research. Full details and deadlines for the Call for Papers can be found on the website below.

The special issue will also include selected papers from the 6th International NEPS Conference, held this year on June 8, which will also focus on advancing methodological practice in longitudinal studies. Registration for the conference as well as the pre-conference workshop and submission of proposals for the NEPS Publication Prize, which will be awarded during the conference, is still open.


Website for the special issue [external link]: Detailed Call for Papers of the journal "Large-scale Assessments in Education"

Website for the NEPS Conference: Detailed information and registration for the NEPS Conference on June 8, 2021.