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New RDC newsletter "LIfBi data No. 11" published


The biannual newsletter “LIfBi data” provides regular information about data releases, events, and other news from the Research Data Center of the Leibniz Institute for Educational Trajectories (RDC LIfBi). The newsletter can be received by e-mail; subscribing to and unsubscribing from the mailing list is possible via our website.

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From the contents of the current newsletter “LIfBi data No. 11”:

  1. NEPS CONFERENCE 2022: Deadline for abstract submission is September 15
  2. NEPS DATA TRAININGS: Still three virtual courses this year
  3. CALL FOR MODULES: Proposals for new NEPS survey contents by October 31
  4. NEPS DATA PORTFOLIO: Overview of current and planned Scientific Use Files
  5. PLAUSIBLE VALUES: New R package “NEPSscaling” with graphical user interface
  6. CORONA DATA: Adjustment of the data structure in the NEPS Scientific Use Files
  7. NEPS-ADIAB: Linked data from starting cohorts 4 and 6 updated
  8. GUS-STUDY: External data on “Health Behavior and Injuries at School Age” released
  9. STATISTICS: Record of 3,000 registered data users reached
  10. PUBLICATIONS: Recent articles and books based on NEPS data

The complete document can be downloaded as PDF from the archive of all newsletters published so far. We wish you much pleasure reading it.

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