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Timetable and selection process

By 30 September 2020

Submission of a short outline of the project (max. 3 pages) with information on:
  • research needs: motivation and explicit questions as well as theoretical background, literature

  • content and methodological reference to the NEPS (specification of cohort(s), if necessary design, in particular timing for panel items) with concurrent presentation of the additional benefit/distinction from the existing

  • notes on operationalization and quality assurance, example items (if not yet available: notes on the planned procedure for quality assurance)

  • proof of the applicant's professional expertise with regard to the research field

Selection - Stage 1: review of methodological feasibility by a NEPS-CfM committee at LIfBi and examination of the necessity for further pretests; identification of the possible field; consultation with submitters if necessary

By 14 October 2020

Feedback from the NEPS-CfM committee and request for the development of a concrete proposal after positive decision

By 15 January 2021

Submission of a detailed outline of the project (5-10 pages), based on the brief outline, supplemented by:
  • elaborated proposal for the items

  • proof of the scientific quality of the items

Selection - Stage 2: expert rating by the members of the Annual General Meeting of NEPS

By 26 February 2021

Final decision by the LIfBi Board of Directors, based on a recommendation from the Annual General Meeting of NEPS

Implementation into the NEPS processes: start of item integration into the survey program up to 10 months before the start of the field, depending on the starting cohort; the survey phase varies between 3 and 6 months; the prepared data of the Scientific Use File are available at the latest 18 months after the end of the field

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