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Access to NEPS Data

The processed and documented data of the National Educational Panel Study (NEPS) are available to the scientific community in the form of Scientific-Use-Files. The prerequisite to accessing the data is the conclusion of an appropriate data use agreement with the Leibniz Institute of Education Trajectories e.V. (LIfBi).

There are three modes of data access to choose from in order to ensure the highest levels of usability of NEPS data in accordance with strict data protection regulations. These three access options differ in regard to the degree to which the data has been modified in the course of anonymization:

  • Download: The Scientific-Use-Files can be downloaded via the NEPS website, there are no further requirements besides the data use agreement. These data feature the highest degree of anonymization.
  • RemoteNEPS: The Scientific-Use-Files are available via a modern remote access technology (RemoteNEPS). The degree of anonymization is moderate, compared to the download version they provide more sensitive information. Access to RemoteNEPS requires an additional supplementary contract as well as a biometric authentication.
  • On-site: Access to the Scientific-Use-Files within the scope of research visits at LIfBi in Bamberg. The data provided in a specially secured room have the least degree of anonymization. The use of these data also necessitates a corresponding supplementary contract.

Availability of Sensitive Data

  On-site RemoteNEPS Download
Metric information
(e.g., number of employees)
Full data Full data Top/bottom coded where necessary
Country-level information
(e.g., citizenship, national languages)
Full data Full data Aggregated
Geographical information

East/West Germany East/West Germany East/West Germany
Federal state * Federal state *  
Administrative regions ** Administrative regions **  
Districts and independent cities ** Districts and independent cities **  
Institutional context information Full data Full data Aggregated
Information in string format Anonymized n/a n/a
(infas geodata, Microm)
Full data n/a n/a

* As of 2015, in coordination with the Standing Conference of Education Ministers, the Federal State label will also be provided for specific analysis purposes via "RemoteNEPS" and "On-site" within the school and (technical) school starting cohorts. The procedure description of the Leibniz Institute of Education Trajectories e.V. (LIfBi) contains detailed information on the use of country codes within the scope of NEPS data (PDF-de, PDF-en).
** For survey data within the context of schools and universities these details are not available.

Data Access

  • We offer three modes of data access: the distribution of traditional Scientific Use Files for download, remote access, and on-site access.
  • The three modes of data access differ according to the level of anonymization.

  • NEPS data are available for registered users after they have signed the data use agreement.