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Dr.  Saikat  Ghosh

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Leibniz-Institut für Bildungsverläufe
Wilhelmsplatz  3
96047  Bamberg
Telephone: +49 951 863-3693

Selected Publications

<ul><li>Ghosh, S. and Rauch, T. (2020). The relation between parent’s child-rearing behavior and their socioeconomic status in a developing country context: A case from West Bengal, India. <em>Zeitschrift für internationale bildungsforschung und Entwicklungspädagogik, </em>43(2), 33-39.<br></li><li>Ghosh, S. (2020). Does Early Childhood Education Provisions in India Provide Any Dividend to Children?. <em>(LIfBi Working Paper No. 90). </em>Bamberg, Germany: Leibniz Institute for Educational Trajectories.<br></li><li>Ghosh, S. and Dey, S. (2020). Public or private? Determinants of Parents’ Pre-school Choice in India. <em>International Journal of Child Care and Education Policy,  14(3). </em><br></li><li>Ghosh, S. (2019). Inequality in Demand and Access to Early Childhood Education in India. <em>International Journal</em> of <em>Early Childhood</em>, 51(2), 145 – 161.<br></li><li>Ghosh, S., Taron, A., and Williams, F. (2019). Impact Assessment of Plant Clinics in Bangladesh.  <em>CABI Study Brief 29: Impact. </em></li></ul>

Selected Presentations

<ul><li>20<sup>th</sup> IASSI Conference 2020. Institute of Social and Economic Change (ISEC), Bengaluru, India.</li><li>Nordic Conference of Development Economics 2019. The University of Copenhagen, Denmark.</li><li>Fifth International Conference on South Asian Economic Development 2019. SAE Delhi.</li><li>2018 Joint Doctoral Conference: Trento- Bamberg-Tilburg-Milan. Trento: Trento, Italy.</li><li>May 2018, Invited guest speaker at the Humboldt University, Berlin.</li><li>‘Joint Doctoral Workshop Trento – Bamberg – Tilburg – Milan’, 2017; Trento, Italy.</li><li>ECEC QUALITY – new interdisciplinary perspectives on an old issue, 2017; Berlin, Germany.</li><li>Pennsylvania Economic Association (PEA) Annual conference 2017; Reading, Pennsylvania.</li><li>The XII Annual International Conference on Public Policy and Management 2017; Bangalore, India.</li><li>PEGNet 2017 Conference: Understanding National Inequalities and How to Address Them; Zurich, Switzerland.</li><li>GCIDS 2017: Challenging Perspectives on the Indian Diaspora; The Hague, The Netherlands.</li><li>North American Productivity Workshop IX 2016; Quebec City, Canada.</li><li>The XI Annual International Conference on Public Policy and Management, 2016; Bangalore, India.</li><li>SLLS International Conference on Education and the Life Course: Determinants and Consequences of Unequal Educational Opportunities, 2016; Bamberg, Germany.</li><li>14th Development Dialogue Conference, 2016; The Hague, Netherlands</li><li>19th EBES Conference, 2016; Istanbul, Turkey.</li></ul>

Third-Party Funded Projects

<p><strong>ECE-India</strong>, funded by Deutshe Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)<br data-mce-bogus="1"></p>