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Dr.  Anna  Hawrot

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Leibniz-Institut für Bildungsverläufe
Wilhelmsplatz  3
96047  Bamberg
Competencies, Personality, Learning Environments
Telephone: +49 951 863-3453

Selected Publications

<p>Koniewski, M., Hawrot, A. (2021). Are single-sex schools more effective than the coed ones? The effect of single-sex schooling on achievement among female adolescents in Catholic schools. <em>Research Papers in Education</em>.<a href="" data-mce-href=""></a><br data-mce-bogus="1"></p><p> </p><p>Hawrot, A. (2021). Psychometric Properties of the “Teaching Quality” Scale for Teachers in Starting Cohorts 2, 3, and 4 (NEPS Survey Paper No. 82). Leibniz Institute for Educational Trajectories, National Educational Panel Study. <a href="" data-mce-href="../../Portals/13/NEPS%20Survey%20Papers/NEPS-Survey-Paper_LXXXII.pdf?ver=7Tfh2nW9yxF3rHrRT033tQ%3d%3d"></a><br>  <br></p><p>Hawrot, A. (2021). Psychometric Properties of the “Quality of Instruction” Scale in Starting Cohort 3 (NEPS Survey Paper No. 81). Leibniz Institute for Educational Trajectories, National Educational Panel Study. <a href="" data-mce-href="../../Portals/13/NEPS%20Survey%20Papers/NEPS-Survey-Paper_LXXXI.pdf?ver=7Tfh2nW9yxF3rHrRT033tQ%3d%3d"></a><br> <br data-mce-bogus="1"></p><p>Jasińska-Maciążek, A., Hawrot, A., Marchlik, P., Tomaszewska-Pękała, H., & Żółtak, T. (2020). Various reasons, various trajectories? Interrupted schooling among Polish upper secondary school students. <em>Research Papers in Education</em>, 1-23. <a href="" data-mce-href=""></a> <br></p><p> <br></p><p>Hawrot, A. (2018). Out-of-school learning assistance in adolescence. <em>Educational Psychology</em>, <em>38</em>(4), 513-534. <a href="" data-mce-href=""></a><br></p><p> <br></p><p>Hawrot, A., & Koniewski, M. (2018). Factor structure of the Maslach Burnout Inventory–Educators Survey in a Polish-speaking sample. <em>Journal of Career Assessment</em>, <em>26</em>(3), 515-530. <a class="doiWidgetLink" href="" rel="noopener" data-mce-href=""></a> <br></p>