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Data Use Agreements

Access to the NEPS data requires the conclusion of a Data Use Agreement with the Leibniz Institute for Educational Trajectories (LIfBi). For the use of remote desktop access (RemoteNEPS) as well as for the use of the data security room at LIfBi in Bamberg (On-site) it is necessary to sign supplemental agreements.

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Change of the NEPS Data Use Agreement PDF-en PDF-de
RemoteNEPS Supplemental Agreement PDF-en PDF-de
On-site Supplemental Agreement PDF-en PDF-de
Biometric Authentication - for Information only PDF-en PDF-de

Instructions for filling the application forms

  • Membership in a scientific institution: Eligible applicants are individuals in possession of a university degree employed by a scientific institution. In case the institution is not a university or a recognized research institute, an appropriate proof of scientific activity within the institution (e.g., excerpt from the statutes, self-representation on the website) must be provided.
  • Description of the research project: For each NEPS project a separate Data Use Agreement has to be concluded. The description of a project includes a title, a short abstract with the main research questions, and a specification of the duration of data use. Collaborative projects with partners at different institutions, renewal projects, and projects for academic qualification are to be indicated via the respective fields in the form.
  • Additionally involved persons: There is the option within the Data Use Agreement of including further project members into the contract. This particularly applies to university students. Please note that all person involved in an agreement have to belong to the same scientific institution. In case of collaborative projects with partners from different institutions, it will be necessary to sign separate Data Use Agreements (with the same title and short description).
  • Commitments: The Data Use Agreement stipulates the applicants to handle the data in a secure and confidential fashion, especially to refrain from any re-identification attempts, to not pass on any external data without permission, and to use the data within the project only. The use of NEPS data has to be indicated in publications as well as the Research Data Center at LIfBi has to be informed about publications based on NEPS data (see § 9, sentence 3).
  • Submission: Filled and signed (by hand!) forms can be submitted to the Research Data Center via e-mail, fax or mail. All contact information are provided on the front page of the forms. After successful approval of the application, the necessary details for logging into the NEPS portal (user number and initial password) are sent in separate e-mails to the involved persons. A copy of the countersigned agreement will be forwarded to the data recipient.
  • Publication: All concluded Data Use Agreements will be published under the section Research Projects on the homepage of NEPS, together with information from the project description (see § 6, sentence 1b).


Please send the filled and signed application form to the Research Data Center at LIfBi:

  • by Mail: Leibniz Institute for
    Educational Trajectories (LIfBi)
    Wilhelmsplatz 3
    96047 Bamberg