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Instrument and Data Quality

The operational unit “Instrument and Data Quality” is responsible for assuring the quality and consistency of NEPS survey instruments not only within individual surveys but also across the panel surveys of our six starting cohorts. This is achieved by defining and revising internal standards on instrument development. It is also a precondition for guaranteeing a high level of comparability of the longitudinal data collected from different survey contexts for later scientific analyses.

One of the core tasks is to standardize and review response scales (and response categories) in order to assure a coherent and consistent assessment of longitudinal data. The operational unit “Standardization of Instruments” develops and maintains NEPS-internal standards regarding the application and use of response scales. Needs for further development are being coordinated in consultation with our item developers. The scaling review, which takes place as part of every instrument developing process, ensures compliance with these standards. The second core task of this operational unit is the (further) advancement of the conventions regarding survey instrument types, for example, conventions concerning the PAPI- and CATI-programming masters. 

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