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Documentation of the Additional Study Thuringia (TH)

Version 2.0.0

Below you will find detailed additional information regarding the surveys, instruments and data from the Aditional Study Thuringia. This documentation refers to the version 2.0.0 and will be updated successively. In case of questions, simply contact the Research Data Center.

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Data Manual (more) PDF-en
Release Notes (more) TXT-en
Study Overview (more) PDF-de PDF-en
Survey Instruments (more) ZIP
Information on Competence Tests (more) ZIP
Semantic Data Structure File (more) ZIP
Codebook (more) PDF-de PDF-en
Glossary (mehr) PDF-en
Samples, Weights, Nonresponse (more) PDF-en
Anonymization Procedures (more) PDF-en
Field Reports (more) ZIP

Additional Study Thuringia

More Documentation

In addition to the overview on this site, we offer further information about the data from the Additional Study Thuringia
  • A compact presentation of the documents referring to the SUF-versions 2.0.0 and 1.0.0
  • Publications using data from the Addictional Study Thuringia
  • NEPSplorer offering various additional information (e.g. overview of the surveys, questions and variables)
  • Publications to methodical and study related questions in Working Papers