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Poster Presentations


Thursday | November 22, 2018 | 05.00 - 06.30 pm

The more the merrier for everybody? Differential effects of early child care under the age of three on facets of socio-emotional outcomes

Anja Linberg (LIfBi Bamberg), Lars Burghardt, Jan-David Freund (University of Bamberg) & Sabine Weinert (LIfBi, University of Bamberg)

Parental assessments of children’s abilities and early educational outcomes. A structural regression analysis for Germany

Ilaria Pietropoli (University of Trento)

Preschool competencies as predictor for reading comprehension: a comparison study between monolingual and bilingual children

Shally Novita (LIfBi Bamberg)

Do women read faster? An analysis of process data to examine gender differences in the initial reading times of texts in a reading competence assessment

Kathrin Thums & Ilka Wolter (LIfBi Bamberg)

The interrelatedness of gender-stereotypical interest profiles and students’ gender-role orientation, gender, and reasoning abilities

Lisa Ehrtmann, Ilka Wolter (LIfBi Bamberg) & Bettina Hannover (FU Berlin)

Gendered professional perceptions in STEM at beginning of STEM studies

Anna Wimmer, Alexandra Sept, Jenny Schnaller, Susanne Ihsen & Yves Jeanrenaud (TU Munich)

Neutral occupations pay best for men and women. Testing a moderated regression model with NEPS data

Sarah M. Schneider & Astrid Schütz (University of Bamberg)

Scar effects of temporary agency work

Alexander Helbig (WZB Berlin)

Do you get what you expect? Analysing the consistency between income expectations and returns to training

Marion Thiele (BIBB Bonn) & Caroline Wehner (BIBB Bonn, Maastricht University, IZA Bonn)

How accurate are adolescents’ proxy reports of parental status characteristics?

Juliane Pehla (WZB Berlin)

NEPS-ADIAB – NEPS survey data linked to administrative data of the IAB

Manfred Antoni (IAB Nuremberg) & Nadine Bachbauer (LIfBi Bamberg, IAB Nuremberg)

Changes in ninth-graders’ educational plans over time and cohorts

Annalisa Schnitzler (BIBB Bonn)

Racism in the German education system - a quantitative analysis of racial discrimination by the teacher’s tracking recommendation

Josefine C. Matysiak (WZB Berlin)

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